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LPG was one of the first of the so called alternative fuels to be widely adopted for use throughout the UK. LPG is most usually used in dual-fuel mode alongside a conventional petrol engine, through the use of an additional fuel tank which is usually located either in the boot of the vehicle, or underneath it.

LPG or Liquid Petroleum Gas is a mixture of propane and butane and this produces a very clean burn with a significantly reduced CO2 output when compared to petrol cars and a substantial reduction in fine particle and noxious output compared to diesels. LPG is easily stored as a liquid at atmospheric pressure through mild compression meaning that a large volume can be stored in a small tank.

If you are conscientious about the ebnvironment and green issues,  then converting and running your car on LPG might be for you. It is better for the environment than running a car on petrol or diesel. Converting your car to LPG will also reduce your carbon footprint and help minimise your personal contribution to global warming.

Extensive independent tests have shown that running a car on LPG results in a substantial 20% reduction in CO2- carbon dioxide emissions. LPG autogas burns cleaner than either petrol or diesel, and particulates emissions are up to 99% less per mile than those from diesel engines, so we can all breathe a little easier.

It’s Greener, It’s Cleaner but best of all it’s Cheaper!

With both petrol and diesel prices well above £1 per litre, there has never been a better time to convert your car or van to run on LPG.

By adding a dual fuel Autogas system you’ll not only be doing your bit for the environment, you’ll be reducing your fuel costs by around half.

Running an LPG car can help you save huge amounts on your fuel costs!

Although all fuels continue to rise in price, the margin between LPG and petrol remains the same. On average you will save around 50p a litre although this can be as high as 70p.  This can equal huge savings on your fuel bill. The main reason LPG is so much cheaper than either petrol or diesel, is because fuel duty levied by the government is much lower than that on petrol and diesel.This is because of the environmental benefits of using LPG and there is currently a five year rolling agreement not to increase the duty on LPG by anymore than 1p compared with petrol.