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If you are conscientious about the ebnvironment and green issues,  then converting and running your car on LPG might be for you. It is better for the environment than running a car on petrol or diesel. Converting your car to LPG will also reduce your carbon footprint and help minimise your personal contribution to global warming.

Extensive independent tests have shown that running a car on LPG results in a substantial 20% reduction in CO2- carbon dioxide emissions. LPG autogas burns cleaner than either petrol or diesel, and particulates emissions are up to 99% less per mile than those from diesel engines, so we can all breathe a little easier.

Nitrous oxide fumes that contribute to the smog found in large cities, are also cut by a minimum of 50% compared to petrol engines, after converting to LPG or a massive 95% reduction compared to diesel engines.





LPG - the greener and cleaner fuel

  • ◦    Compared to petrol and diesel, LPG is the most environmentally friendly fuel
  • ◦    LPG has a low carbon content and that should help reduce your carbon footprint.
  • ◦    LPG produces far fewer harmful emissions that impact on local air quality.
  • ◦    Engine noise is significantly lower than corresponding petrol and diesel engines
  • ◦    Converting a car to LPG saves you money


LPG is better for the environment and switching to LPG Autogas, you can make large savings and contribute to a greener and cleaner environment for all.