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Running an LPG car can help you save huge amounts on your fuel costs!

Although all fuels continue to rise in price, the margin between LPG and petrol remains the same. On average you will save around 50p a litre although this can be as high as 70p.  This can equal huge savings on your fuel bill. The main reason LPG is so much cheaper than either petrol or diesel, is because fuel duty levied by the government is much lower than that on petrol and diesel.This is because of the environmental benefits of using LPG and there is currently a five year rolling agreement not to increase the duty on LPG by anymore than 1p compared with petrol.


After converting to LPG, Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) for cars registered after 2001 is also less, add to this the savings in maintenance from reduced engine wear, and the savings really do start to mount up. Converting your vehicle to run on LPG is a sure fire way to save money. LPG fuel is slightly less calorific than petrol, so 1 litre of LPG is equivalent to about 820ml of petrol. So even though a litre of LPG will take you and your car just over 80% the distance of the same journey using petrol, the savings on even that one journey can be substantial.

For an average user the cost of converting to LPG will be paid off within the first year, and for drivers covering lots of miles or with petrol hungry engines, the savings are larger and made quicker.

The following information can be used as a guide to the savings possible when converting your vehicle to LPG.

Average UK petrol price Feb 2011 £1.34 pence per litre or £6.09 per gallon

Average UK LPG price Feb 2011 £0.70 pence per litre or £3.18 per gallon

The calculations below take into account the typical MPG "loss" of 20% on LPG Autogas compared to petrol.


Average family car running cost: Large 4x4 car running costs:

Averaging 30mpg over 20,000 miles.

Petrol price 1.34p per litre

LPG price 0.70p per litre

Litres user per year = 3,000

Averaging 17 mpg over 30000 miles.

Petrol price 1.34p per litre

LPG price 0.70p per litre.

Litres user per year = 3,000

Saving £1940 per year Saving £5136 per year


For more information on any LPG vehicle conversion, or to get a quote please call OxfordAutogas on 01844 279588, or email us here.