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BMW E92 M3

BMW E92 M3 fuel injectors after LPG conversion

Oxford Autogas was approached with the task of converting a tuned 2010 E92 BMW M3 V8, producing 450 BHP on petrol to run on gas. This was one of the most challenging conversions ever, not only because of the limited space available for the gas system and the extreme power of the BMW but the new E92 M3 V8 is a highly sophisticated motor car and is very sensitive to any irregularities in the fueling and running of the engine. This meant that any additional fuel system would have to deliver the same high performance of the cars original fuel system. Failure to do this would cause the cars computer to shut the car down or, go into limp mode.  BRC's unique software, combined with twin high output vapourisers and high flow injectors enabled the succesful conversion of the only E92 BMW M3's to run on gas in the UK or Europe. A number of M3's have now been converted and are performing well. A recent dyno produced 430 bhp on petrol and 423 bhp on gas.