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Jeep Cherokee SRT8

Tiddington Garage
Oxford Rd,Tiddington
Oxon. OX9 2LH
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Jeep Cherokee SRT8

The SRT8 with its massive 6.1 litre Hemi engine was a challenging conversion. It produces 420 bhp which meant fitting twin high output vapourisers and high flow injectors.The exhaust system on the SRT8 exits in the centre of the rear valance. The exhaust had to be re-routed to exit where the smaller 5.7 Jeeps exhaust runs, just behind the rear wheel. This then allowed the 102 litre gas tank to be mounted where the spare wheel would normally go on a 5.7 Jeep. The original 6.1 tail pipes were then refitted to a bracket to and re-mounted in the rear valance to look original. The filler for the gas system was also hidden in one of the dummy tail pipes.

The gas switch itself was fitted in place of one of the dual 12v sockets finishing off a very tidy conversion.